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1. Inspection type 2. Date of this 3. Date of last

Inspection 7/21/2011 Inspection 4/11/2011
5. FHA Case #  
SAMPLE 3425324  
4. Property Address
1155 8th St, San Diego, CA 92117
6a. HUD Property Inspection report MUST be reviewed prior
to this inspection. Have you reviewed HUD property inspection report?
6b. HUD Property Condition Report (PCR) MUST be reviewed
prior to this inspection. Have you reviewed HUD PCR?
6c. Did you observe discrepancies b/w HUD property inspection
report & the PCR?
If yes, please explain:
7. INSPECTION REPORT (Please provide additional comment if necessary)
a) Required signs posted on property? a) Pest Control services reqd?
b) Any violation signs on site? b) Property adequately/properly winterized?
c) Access doors (incl garage) secured properly? c) Interior Garbage/Debris hazards?
d) Are any pool/spa covered and secured? d) Water Heater missing/damaged?
e) Are all gates secured? e) Sign-In sheet in place & reflect routine
f) Is lawn cut 6" ht? inspection of property? If no, explain:  
g) Is shrub properly trimmed? No sheet found    
h) Overgrown/Penetrating vegetation trimmed? f) Are emergency or preventive maintenance
If no, list locations:   repair needed? If yes, explain:  
Front yard       
i) Property (windows & doors) boarded & secured g) Int. walls/ceilings Not clean and in good cond.?
per HUD, if reqd? If no, list locations:   h) Property int. in broom-swept condition?
the front and back windows     i) Is Interior doors or blt-in cabinets broken?
    j) Blt-in appliances missing/damaged?
j) Windows broken or Missing or Unsecured? k) Evidence of vandalism?
If yes, list locations:   If yes, list locations:  
Kitchen window       
k) Doors broken or Missing or Unsecured? l) Soiled/Filthy/Stained/damages flooring?
If yes, list locations:   If yes, list locations:  
    Living room    
l) Doors/Windows left unlocked? m) Evidence of active roof leaks?
If yes, list locations:   If yes, list locations:  
m) Is property free of debris & other hazards? n). Evidence of water leak (plumbing, roof, Wtr Htr)?
If no, list locations:   If yes, list locations:  
Front yard and on the side of the house     Master bedroom    
n) Driveway/Walkway snow removal reqd? o) Evidence of Mold/Mildew or wetness?
o) Evidence of graffiti or vandalism? p) Evidence of plumbing/septic leaks?
If yes, list locations:   If yes, list locations:  
on side walls     Master bedroom    
p) Any (structural damage) major crack in foundation q) Initial clean-out NOT completed?
or exterior walls? If yes, list locations:   If yes, list locations:  
q) Damage to walls, fascia, fence, porch, patio, gutter, r) Sanitary facilities (ie: toilet, water closets, faucet)
driveway, shed etc.? If yes, list locations:   appear Non-functional? If yes, explain:  
r) Roof leaks: Is roof in acceptable condition? s) Are kitchen and bath conditions acceptable?
If no, list locations:   If no, list locations:  
in Front and back     The master bathroom is very dirty    
    t) Evidence of flooding water damage?
s) Any defective exterior paint? u) Is electricity, Gas or Water turned on?
If yes, list locations:   If yes, which utility is on?  

8. Health & Safety Site Hazards (Any condition or situation at the property that exposes the government to abnormal risk, that presents a source of danger, that could cause an accident, or poses the threat of injury, harm to the public or property), such as:
      If yes, list location       If yes, list location
a) Condemnable structure defects   f) Tripping hazards  
b) Exposed elect. wire     g) Defective Stair Railing  
c) Electrical hazards In the garage   h) Defective Steps To master bedroom  
d) Toxic gas odor   i) Unsecured above-ground pool  
e) Unsecured In-ground pool       If yes, should it be removed
j) Missing deck railing  (min. 36" Railing ht @ vertical dist. of deck floor to grade of 30" or more) List locations:  
k) Other (describe & list locations):  
a) Is Property in Ready to Show Condition? c) Are you proposing to the GTR any value-added
b) If No, enter comments into P260 related to property condition variances cosmetic repairs to increase value or improve  
and describe what needs to be done by the FSM. sale to owner occupants?  
a) Is property in same condition as listed or b) Is property in Ready to close condition?
contracted for sale? If no, Explain   If no, list what is needed:  
something     something else    
Please provide comments and/or additional details to further explain any items or conditions which you have not already listed or summarized in the report. Please use PHOTOGRAPHS, elaborately, for documentation and support; and key answers and comments to item numbers on report, when additional details are given. For example: Item # 7Ba for add'l comment on (7B) Pest
7.A.aNo signs there, we need to add one.
7.A.bThe front yard has a large broken tree
7.A.eThe gates might need some work, i attached some photos
7.A.pThe north side walls will need some work
7.A.sExt paint is ok, but we can do a better job and make look nice
7.B.jWe have a big issue here
7.B.nNo water leaks, but it's rusted and will have to be replaced
8.aIt needs to be rebuilt
8.bAll over the place
8.jWe need to re-do the entire deck

12) Sign & Date Rafik Metri    
Inspector Name/Signature: Rafik Metri Date: 7/18/2011