Weekly Inspection Report
- Incomplete Inspection -
Rafik Metri
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Inspection Report General Information
Inspection ID 8666 Inspector Name Rafik Metri
Report Type EZ Weekly Inspector Company TAZA Demonstration Account
Street Address 6688 Moms Lane Inspector Contact (858) 248-8292    Rafik@tazacorp.com
City, State Zip San Diego, CA 92117 Date Created 8/26/2011
Exterior Inspection
Property status    
Key code Is the key code correct? Yes
Is there a working key Unknown Brokerage for sale sign Unknown
MLS lockbox number (supra, etc.) MLS lockbox location
Combo code Combo lockbox location
Exterior is clean (trash, dog house, etc.) No Pool/Spa swim ready No
Grass mowed Yes Landscaping maintained/trees trimmed No
Trash cans empty and neatly placed No Gates and fences are secured No
Garage clean and secure No Sprinkler system set No
Interior Inspection
Sign-In sheet (taped to kitchen cabinet) Unknown Last sign-in date (you must also sign-in)
Agent bus. cards are picked up Unknown No-trespassing signs on window Unknown
In-case of emergency signs on windows Unknown Is interior clean (spiders, trash, etc.) Unknown
Appliances missing (stove, oven, etc.) Unknown What is missing
Electricity on (breaker on) Unknown Gas on Unknown
Water on (take H2O photo) Unknown Signs of squatters living on site Unknown
Are all doors and windows secure Unknown What doors or windows are not
Property info flyers are in place Unknown All lights have bulbs and are working Unknown
Is there odor present Unknown Smoke detectors work when tested Unknown
Water heater strapped Unknown Is there a heater and it is set Unknown
Is there AC and it is set to 78 Unknown    
Occupancy Information
Is property occupied Yes How was occupancy determined
Is occupant contacted No Occupant type
Is occupant friendly Yes Occupant name
Does occupant have a lease No Occupant phone
    Occupant monthly amount $0.00
HOA Information
Is there HOA Unknown HOA name
HOA contact name HOA contact phone
HOA contact email HOA fee $0
HOA delinquent dues $0 Delinquent taxes $0
HOA payment cycle Unknown HOA next payment date
Is HOA garage clean Unknown Is HOA key in lockbox Unknown
Is there community amenities Unknown